Relationships In The New Age



Three years ago, the guy I loved was offered a job he could not refuse in Saudi Arabia and had to leave Lebanon. I instantly thought that our relationship had to come to an end because we all know how tiring long-distance relationships are. My boyfriend ended up talking me into giving the long-distance relationship a try. “It might not be easy,” he said, “but with Skype ,Viber ,Facetime , Whatsapp and a million other applications that keep us in touch we will be practically living together.” He was never more right. Now, after three years of being in a long distance relationship, the distance does not seem too far anymore. We talk on Whatsapp using voice notes 24/7 and video chat whenever we are home.

When Facebook made it big, I was the last person to sign up for an account. I never used the BlackBerry Messenger-BBM- and have always detested texting. To me, texting and communicating using technology was a poor excuse of a relationship because it took away the “humane” aspect of interacting with another person face to face.

A couple announces their pregnancy to their family who’s scattered all around the country on SkyThere is no denying what communicating through social applications has killed the beauty of having a decent conversation face to face, or simply making the effort to meet and chat over a cup of coffee, but we cannot overlook the fact that technology has taken human communication to a whole different level. With 1424.68 Km between us, my boyfriend and I were perfectly capable of celebrating my birthday together when he called me on Facetime singing Happy Birthday just when the delivery guy rang my doorbell to deliver my boyfriend’s order of balloons and a bouquet. Indeed, its mind blowing that you can receive a realistic audio visual picture of a person on the other side of the globe. I know that it annoys you when the person you are talking to checks their phone, but such little glitches shouldn’t turn us against the new modes of communication. Personally, I started appreciating how incredible the various modern ways of communication when I started to manage how to use it. You can turn into a socially awkward internet fanatic slash gamer who only talks to other socially awkward internet fanatics slash gamers and can’t manage to utter a single decent word to the person sitting next to you. Also, you can become a very social person with flawless communication skills who uses social media regularly and enjoys the benefits of texting and video chatting. The modern ways of communication can help us enhance our real-life social relationships instead of wrecking it if we choose to. Whatsapp and Facetime helped me remain close to my beloved, whereas it certainly helped another person cheat on their beloved. For that, the new age communication methods are an extraordinary invention that can be seriously damaging to human relationships if used. However, it can also be a helping hand when it comes to relationships if used wisely.

Thank you Whatsapp and Facetime for helping me stay close to my favorite person ever even when he is 1424.68 Km away.

A doctor gave birth to a baby via FaceTime by dictating exactly what to do.You can call that a virtual baby delivery.